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Ankle Support Foot Sleeves (Pair)
6103 尺寸-01
Ankle Support Foot Sleeves (Pair)

Ankle Support Foot Sleeves (Pair)

Item style: CJ-6103
£ 31.31

Product Function : 


Innovative Fiber-

  • Using germanium material to make the physical activity get more energy and release the far infrared and negative ions to improve blood flow and increase oxygen-carrying capacity, keep your better performance to increasing joint endurance.

Professional Design-

  • These ankle socks have a suitable level of compression on every region of the foot and ankle. It offers to help boost circulation to your feet, reducing swellings and speeding up recovery.

Suitable to Wear Everyday-

  • These high-quality ankle sleeves are optimally designed for a perfect fit and strengthen the Achilles tendon and plantar support. Ideal for those who often use your feet a lot or exercise regularly.

Ideal for all kinds of Sports-

  •  To do the opening design in the heel, it has the effect of the anti-slip. Ideal for: basketball, running, soccer, training, crossfit, yoga, and some sports on the floor without shoes.

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