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Protect Your Knees With Natural Diet

Nature diet can promote knees activity

Degeneration of knees, knees arthritis or the pain in the body will lead to inconvenience or even poor emotion and often bother our daily life. If you have this kind of problem, let’s try some natural food from daily life. It can not only make you become health but also protect your knee.

1. Avocado

Take some avocado, avocado is rich with omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid, it can promote cartilage repair by stimulating collagen generation from body.

2. Brassicaceous vegetable and Deep Sea Fish

Brassicaceous vegetable, including cauliflower, Cabbage, rape, and deep sea fish, like salmon, tuna, sauryfish and mackerel, are all good to protect knees, they can prevent inflammation and relieve symptoms of knee arthritis. Having fish three to four times per week is recommended, but avoid fried cooking, fried food will lead to inflammation on the contrary.

3. Protein and Dairy products

Food rich in protein like bean and fish, and dairy product are an important nutrient for the joint. They can also help the muscle growth and strength the muscle strength to protect joints and slow down the rate of degeneration. Combine with regular exercise to build muscle and weight control, so that the weight won’t be the burden of joint and accelerate the wear and tear.

4. Curry

You may not know that curry is not only delicious but also good to health, the curcumin in curry is a kind of antioxidants. Although it is good for health, you still can’t eat too much or you may become a fat man.

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