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How to strengthen your knee

The knee is heavily loaded in everyday life. Every day it is bent and stretched more than 1000 times. This not only illustrates how important the knee is but also how uncomfortable and restrictive knee pain is. Pain in the knee can have many causes, but targeted exercises for muscle strengthening are helpful for many ailments. Even after surgery or other knee procedures, proper knee build-up training should be done through knee-building exercises.

Exercises at a glance & comparison In total, eight muscles act directly on the knee joint, which can be trained with muscle building knee exercises. Particularly important is the quadriceps, the thigh stretcher on the front. This muscle stabilizes the knee and is responsible for stretching and flexing the leg. The thigh muscles can be strengthened by various exercises, for example, when you sit in a sitting position a large book between your feet and then stretch your legs. This quadriceps workout is easy to do at home or in the office, and you should repeat the exercise about ten times.

Exercises for strengthening the knees In order to build up knee muscles but also need to improve all body muscles, especially it is very important to strengthen the entire lower area so that our knees are protected and not prone to injury.

The quadriceps, for example, is the largest muscle of the leg and, if it is out of shape, can lead to different joint disorders.

Be particularly wary of sports injuries or those that occur during everyday activities, such as climbing stairs, carrying shopping bags or walking with the dog.

If you have a recreational sport, take it seriously and do not forget to warm up your muscles before you start. Likewise, you should stretch in the end.

Other aspects to consider include

•Use of suitable footwear •Stop when you feel tired. •Selection of suitable training areas •No abrupt turns of feet or legs

Some exercises for strong knees are:

Three exercises for the knee: squat, push-up, kettlebell swing. Exercises for knees It is hardly surprising that now knee exercises come, which should not train your knees alone. Targeted knee training should come at most three steps later, first of all, there is a base to create: the strong, stable hull. First, the middle of the body is trained, then the extremities. Subsequent “composite exercises” are able to do both, here the whole body is used. Here is the top training evasion: First, the technology must be 100% correct. Only then can the intensity be increased – in the form of variations, weights, higher weights and beat numbers. These exercises do not strain your knees – when done absolutely clean.

1. Squat: stabilize or ruin knees.

Incorrectly executed squats put knee strain on properly, but squats are a perfect knee workout. Additional weights naturally reinforce the effect. Therefore, squats with a barbell or kettlebell should only be performed when the technique is secure. But then there are numerous possibilities for variation: squat with a barbell on the shoulder, behind or in front of the head, thruster (Crossfit-specific), one-legged squats … effective strength training for knee, trunk, legs, depending on the variant.

2. Push-ups: Full-body training on the living room carpet.

Here, the whole body workout is clearly in the foreground. In particular, shoulders are claimed, but also the body center. Abdominal muscles and buttocks are tense, the entire muscles of the upper body are strengthened. Once the first 50 push-ups have been completed, it’s time to vary: one-armed, with your feet in a sling trainer, knees under your body.

3. Kettlebell swing (Russian ball dumbbell swinging)

– Train the whole body The most basic exercise in kettlebell training: the kettlebell swing. Start slowly, with relatively lightweight, especially if you have knee problems. You can tug quite a bit when training with the ball dumbbell, perfect technique is, therefore, the top priority. Safety, especially with Swings, does not just affect one thing: dogs or children should keep their distance during this training session.

The best sports for healthy knees Whether Zumba, running or jogging – regular sports without exaggerated ambition is “the best medicine”. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are strengthened in a healthy way – of course, a slow warm-up and bodybuilding always provided. To be particularly knee-friendly •swim •cycling •rowing

These exercises may not seem to have much to do with the orthopedic knee exercises at first glance. Right, because this is also where the knee is trained, but not exclusively. The positive effect of this training program is to seek elsewhere: The stabilization and strengthening of the trunk lead to a better posture, in all circumstances.

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