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How To Choose A Knee Sleeve For Yourselves?

Knee joints play an important role in our body. We always use them in daily life or during exercise, and hence the probability of knee injury is also greatly increased. Therefore, how should we choose a good one among all kinds of knee sleeves on the market?

1. Breathability

First of all, we need to check its’ breathability, due to the direct contact between knee sleeves and skin, good breathability can lower the rate of inflammation or allergy.

2. Compression

When the knees get hurt, it will induce knee swelling, well compression knee sleeves can relieve the knee swelling. It will also provide restriction to knee-joint activity and accelerate the recovery.

3. Support

If you have knee Ligament Injuries, you will need to knee sleeves with good support to prevent other injury to knee again.

4. Warmth Retention

In cold weather zone, it is easier to get knee coldness when the knee is hurt or in inflammation, therefore, it’s important to keep it warm. Knee sleeves with good warmth retention property can prevent knee coldness effectively.

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