Compression Calf/Shin Sleeves (Pair)

Item style: CJ-4212


£ 21.31

Product Function : 


Relieve the Discomfort-

  • The compression in each pair of calf sleeves helps to stabilize muscles、prevent injuries and reduce vibrations & oscillation. Whether suffering from shin splints due to running, playing basketball, or just everyday activities, the calf sleeve can help relief the discomfort.

Accelerate the Resilience-

  •  The material of germanium in our calf sleeve increases body oxygen levels, restore energy by penetrating subcutaneous tissues to speed up the recovery of injured muscles, tendonitis and even more!

Innovative Fiber-

  • Using germanium material to make the physical activity get more energy and release the far infrared and negative ions to improve blood flow and increasing oxygen-carrying capacity, keep your better performance to increase muscle endurance.

Suitable for Everyone-

  •  From top athletes to casual sports, basketball players, fitness enthusiast, runners and more, the compression calf sleeve provides calf support, muscle stabilization, reducing micro tears and preventing injuries.

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