Fingerless Recovery Gloves

Item style: CJ-5501


£ 16.07

Product Function : 


Accelerate the Resilience-

  • Provide mild compression helps stabilize muscle, decreasing the swelling of muscle and joints.

High Performance-

  •  Soft soothing warmth, lightweight and breathable for all day.

Wear Everyday-

  • Ideal for any discomfort connected to arthritis and other joint pain. Besides, it is also suitable for sports and leisure activities.

Innovative Fiber-

  •  Using germanium and bamboo charcoal material to make the physical activity get more energy. Moisture-wicking and deodorize keeping your hand comfortable.

Different Design​-

  •  Different from the conductive design of full fingers gloves, open fingerless gloves allow freedom to feel, touch and grip.

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