Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve

Item style: CJ-5104


£ 17.29

Product Function : 


Professional Design-

  • Provides mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation, which can relieve wrist pain, carpal tunnel, and wrist tendonitis to stimulate joints, improve blood flow and provide support.

Softness Fabric-

  •  Unlike hard wrist braces that restrict the range of motion, whether office, strenuous exercise or static activity, it will not interfere with any action.

Innovative Fiber-

  • Using germanium and bamboo charcoal material to make the physical activity get more energy. Moisture-wicking and deodorize keeping your wrist comfortable.

Unlike The Previous Wrist Sleeve-

  •  The wrist sleeve having a cuff that is able to cover the palm area to help relieve pain, stimulate joints, improve blood flow, and provide support.

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